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Consultant, Writer, and Editor in Manhattan, New York

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Carole Di Tosti is a consultant, writer, and editor. Carole DI Tosti has written a hybrid mystery, thriller, 'Peregrine: Ceremony of Powers' which will be released and sold on Amazon and Barnes & Noble January 2021. The second book in the Peregrine series 'Valore' will be out in a year and 1/2 from the first book's release.

Carole Di Tosti has written three full-length plays: 'Edgar,' 'Painting' (aka 'The Painter on His Way to Work') and 'Pandemics or How Maria Caught Her Vibe.' She is looking for representation for production. Other projects she is working on are a non-fiction book about weight, health and wellness, a quasi-ethnographic study of her own patterns of weight loss and gain and a poetry book: 'Channeled Consciousness,' which may be released in the fall of 2021

Carole Di Tosti currently contributes to these sites: Theater Pizzazz and Blogcritics

Carole Di Tosti publishes and administrates her own blogs:

All Along the NYC Skyline, Carole Di Tosti's Linchpin and The Fat and the Skinny. Carole Di Tosti has written poetry some of which appears on her site A Christian Apologist's Sonnets.

Carole Di Tosti has contributed to 'T2 Chronicles,' and 'NY Theatre Wire.' She has freelanced for 'VERVE,' 'TMR,' and other online sites. Carole Di Tosti contributed to (2011-2013) until the website took on a different focus. Some of Carole Di Tosti's Technorati articles are archived on the Wayback Machine Internet Archive and appear here. Carole Di Tosti has written over 1800 articles reviews and interviews. Carole Di Tosti is also a photo journalist and her photographs accompany many of her articles.

Carole Di Tosti lives and freelances in Manhattan, New York. Her interests include film, theater, good wine (I cover wine tastings) tennis, advocacy, and Social Good.

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